Summer Shindig: How to Host the Perfect Tropicana 18th Birthday Party

Summer Shindig: How to Host the Perfect Tropicana 18th Birthday Party

Nothing quite screams ‘summer’ like hosting a tropical Hawaiian-inspired party. From coconut props and pineapple decorations to fruity cocktails and bright attire, a tropical theme is guaranteed to create good vibes and ever lasting memories this summer.

When it comes to hosting a memorable 18th birthday party, it’s important to prepare well ahead of times to avoid any last minute surprises, or worse – the party boy or girl being too stressed to enjoy his or her own party. Thankfully, with the help of The Party Packages wide selection of affordable party supplies and Australia-wide shipping, decoration prepping has never been so simple and hassle-free!

Wondering how you can achieve a truly fruity and summery Tropicana themed 18th birthday party on a budget? Put the phone down, there’s no need to hire a caterer or a venue. It’s as simple as preparing your decorations and menu ahead of time, and our top four musts for a truly unforgettable birthday bash won’t leave you out of pocket:

1.     Tropical-inspired Menu

There’s nothing better than rocking up to a party only to be overwhelmed by the mouth-watering selection of food and drinks on offer. Better still, there’s nothing more impressive than a menu tailored to match the theme. In Australia, we’re lucky to have an extensive and delicious selection of fruit in season during our summer months, making a tropical party theme all the more easy and cost effective. From pineapples and coconuts to berries and citrus fruit, the options are endless when planning a Tropicana-inspired menu. If you’re not a huge fan of fruit, there’s no need to fret because almost any dishes can be decorated accordingly to suit the theme.

If you’re simply too overwhelmed by the options and don't know where to start, here’s our favourite tropical dishes and nibbles:

Sweet Treats:

Savoury snacks:

Fruity Goodness:


2.     Themed Attire

Well, this one is a bit of a no brainer – the old coconut bra and grass skirt is simply a must for a tropical themed party! If anyone’s too shy to come in costume, why not have your own supply of leis and hula skirts so everyone can get involved!

From a stylish summer outfit with a tropical twist to full blown Hawaiian attire, there’s themed options to suit all party goers. Here’s a few ideas, if you’re lacking in inspiration:

3.     Table Decorations

Think bright, loud & fun! If you’re looking to get really into the theme, nothing cements a Hawaiian celebration quite like a table full of coconuts, pineapples and greenery. For a unique twist on traditional tropical inspired table decorations, why not try the following

4.     Hanging Decorations

There’s no need to limit yourself to table decorations. Why not run the theme cohesively throughout the space? If you’re planning an 18th birthday party on a budget, we recommend drawing inspiration from the following ideas and mixing and matching them with The Party Packages extensive selection of block colour party supplies that are guaranteed to complete the look, while simultaneously adding a burst of colour. To create an effective theme, choose 1-2 focal points (i.e. the table decorations and food table are great statement pieces) to put the most effort into (i.e. pineapples, palm fronds, tropical cut outs), and then simply decorate the rest of the space with simple decorations - think yellow balloon weights, mini fans, honeycomb balls and puff balls to green hanging swirls, streamers and balloons. Here’s our top statement piece hanging decorations:

Planning a summery 18th birthday party doesn’t have to be stressful or expensive. For stunning and affordable block colour party decorations and accessories, look no further than The Party Package. Head over to our online store today and enjoy a convenient online shopping experience with our Australia-wide shipping:

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