4 Tips for Planning an Unforgettable 1st Birthday Party

4 Tips for Planning an Unforgettable 1st Birthday Party

What’s more special than your little one’s first milestone – their 1st birthday! And what better way to celebrate than with a gorgeous party with family and friends? At The Party Package, we know that stress can easily get the better of us when planning our little one’s special day, and can end up spoiling the fun of the day! But with help from us, you can take the stress out of party planning, and remember the moment as one filled with smiles and fun when buying 1st birthday party supplies online.

When you’re looking to buy 1st birthday party supplies online, The Party Package has an endless supply of 1st birthday specific themed and block coloured decorations. You’ll find all the party essentials available in our coordinated range of party themes – the perfect way to create a simple and effective themed 1st birthday party without the stress or fuss. If you’re at a loss with what theme to choose and where to begin the party planning process, here’s our 5 tips for planning an unforgettable 1st birthday party on a budget:

1.     Pick a Theme

When it comes to children’s parties, kids and adults alike love an opportunity to dress up and get into character! Choosing a classic or trending theme is a must for creating the ultimate first birthday party and setting the tone for years to follow. As one of Australia’s leading online party decoration stores, we’re your one stop shop for buying 1st birthday party supplies online. If you’re having trouble picking a theme, here’s our top picks for 2016:

Girls: Baby Minnie, Pink Ladybird, Disney Princess

Boys: Baby Mickey, Blue Turtle, Thomas the Tank Engine

Gender Neutral: Winnie the Pooh, Circus, Sesame Street, Ladybird

Once you’ve found the perfect theme, you’ll find everything you need to create a hassle-free and effective party at the touch of a button, including plates, napkins and cups for easy finger food, balloons and hanging decorations for simplistic and gorgeous decoration, and optional extras such as party games to entertain older kids.

Want to reduce costs? Instead of decking out the venue in strictly themed decorations, try purchasing 3-4 themed statement pieces and then decorate the rest of the venue with block colour decorations that align with the theme (i.e. for a ladybird themed party, decorate the room with red, white and black party supplies). Your dream 1st birthday party doesn’t need to break the bank. All of our quality products are competitively priced so you can throw your little one a perfect and affordable birthday celebration. For even bigger savings, take advantage of our party packs – bundles of themed party essentials at even lower prices!

2.     Keep it Causal

Just because it’s your little one’s first birthday, doesn’t mean you need to go above and beyond to create an extravagant event. It’s important to remember that at the age of one, your little one doesn’t need the biggest and fanciest party around. Luckily kids are easily amused, and will enjoy the day best with a few of their favourite toys, some colourful decorations and a delicious cake!

In fact, the old saying “less is always more” is particularly true when it comes to party planning. Think simple, elegant and practical. To reduce costs, try:

  1. Host the party at home: Cancel the reservation or private function booking and just have it at home! Instead of forking out money for a party that baby won’t even remember, keep it casual and bring the party indoors by buying 1st birthday party supplies online at The Party Package. With a huge selection of themed and coloured 1st birthday party supplies on offer, you can create a custom design of your own without compromising on affordability, style or quality. From table cloths, cutlery, balloons, wall decorations, hanging decorations, high chair decorations and more, you’ll find everything you could want and need for planning the perfect 1st birthday party when you choose The Party Package!
  2. Make your own games: Pinterest is a fantastic site for sourcing fun and affordable DIY kids’ games. From a homemade ball pit and bubble refill station to bucket toss and a sand pit, Pinterest will provide you with an endless supply of easy to make and cost effective party games.
  3. Make your own food: Instead of having the event catered or planning a sit down meal, make easy, yet creative snacks and nibbles. Again, Pinterest is your go to for great party food ideas. Among our favourites are: rainbow shaped fruit trays, fruit skewers, chocolate dipped strawberries, heart shaped fairy bread, cheesy puff pastries and cake pops.

3.     Make a killer Cake

If there’s one thing people tend to remember about a birthday party, it’s always the cake! If you’re wanting to create a delicious and adorably unforgettable 1st birthday cake for your little one but are short on ideas, here’s a few of our favourite choices:

4.     Photos

Getting a baby to smile or even look at a camera, isn’t an easy task. Given there is very little you can do to get your little one enthused about the photo shoot you’re inevitably going to do, make sure the decorations and photo surroundings are ideal. Here’s a few tips for creating memorable and fun photos for your little one’s 1st birthday party:

  1. Decorate the highchair: When looking to buy 1st birthday party supplies online, a highchair decorating kit should be at the top of your list. At The Party Package, we offer a fun and funky selection of gender neutral and themed high chair kits to ensure your little one is in theme all day long, particularly when those cameras start flashing!
  2. Helium balloons: helium balloons are not only an effective decoration, they also act as a stunning prop for photos.
  3. Natural light: There’s no denying that the best photos are those taken in natural light. If the weather allows, why not have the party outdoors? Whether it’s sunshine or overcast weather, you’re guaranteed a much better quality image.   

Let The Party Package help you create an affordable, and stress free special 1st birthday. With our affordable products, fast shipping and friendly service, buying 1st birthday party supplies online has never been so simple. Our simplistic, affordable themed party packages are sure to make your little one smile with joy, and help you create lasting, happy memories – and isn’t that what the day’s all about?

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