Party Checklist for an Unforgettable 21st

Party Checklist for an Unforgettable 21st

So it’s that special time in your life – your 21st birthday! 21 is a massive milestone in any young adult’s life, and it’s important that you celebrate it right! From finding the right location and choosing a theme to decorating the venue and preparing an unforgettable food and drinks menu, the choices and options are plentiful! 

With the help of The Party Packages affordable 21st birthday party supplies, trending party theme ideas and hot DIY decorating tips, you can enjoy an unforgettable night that will have your party guests talking for months to follow.

Choose a Location & Guest List

With turning 21 comes a whole new stage of life – being a real adult! And what better way to celebrate this milestone than with a sophisticated birthday party? With most of your friends now of legal drinking age, you have the opportunity to select a beautiful venue at a bar, restaurant or club. These venues have the perks of coming with staff who will organise your venue, catering and drinks with ease – leaving you to focus on more important things (like your outfit!) However, they can be extremely expensive, with some places requiring a minimum spend of $5000 and more for a Saturday night booking. So why not throw your 21st at home?! A house party gives you total control and flexibility over the theme, food, drinks and guest numbers. And what’s more, house parties can look just as sophisticated as a venue party, if not more unique! Take advantage of affordable and effective candles, tea and fairy lights, or hire a gazebo for the back yard for a truly intimate event. The possibilities are endless when hosting at home.

Considering the guest list, it’s important not to let numbers get out of hand, as with more bodies quickly come more costs. Invite a good split of family and friends. Your family have watched you blossom through your life, and would appreciate an invite to the special event more than anyone. Plus, family guests can make for some interesting stories which your friends are sure to appreciate! And by hosting your party at home, you’ll avoid the strict limits on numbers that most venues have, leaving you with more freedom to celebrate your day with who you please!

Choose a Theme

A 21st birthday party is a perfect opportunity to have fun with a theme! And The Party Package’s affordable 21st birthday party supplies are the perfect accompaniment to your event. Add interest to the night and get your guests involved with a costume party. Among our favourites is a “Letter Theme” party, where guests are instructed to dress up as an object or character beginning with the first letter of the birthday boy or girl’s name, or their own name. Or go back in time with a decade theme party – our favourites have got to be the 60s and 90s!

If you’re seeking a more sophisticated occasion, The Party Package has you covered with our range of affordable 21st birthday party supplies. The perfect way to create a consistent decorative theme for your home party, we stock a range of balloons, streamers, table covers, cups, cutlery and more to set off your venue. Pick and choose a few statement pieces from our 21st party supplies range to team with our extensive range of coloured party products for a cost-effective and stylish look. Or create a sophisticated look with a “black and white” theme. Instruct guests to dress in black, white or both, and deck out your space with The Party Package’s quality range of black and white party supplies. For a fun twist, tell all your guests to wear black, or white – and then the birthday boy or girl can wear the opposite colour to stand out amongst the crowd!

Food & Drinks

If you choose a professional venue to host your 21st, the staff will help you coordinate finger food and nibbles to feed your guests, as well as a bar tab that you are comfortable with (our tip – no spirits on the tab to minimize costs and keep the drinks flowing for longer!)

Having your party at home? Don’t stress about catering your event! With help from a barbeque and banquet style servery, you can feed your guests delicious food in an easy and cost-effective manner. Why not try a pork roast, served with crispy crackling and apple sauce in rolls? Delicious and refined! In terms of drinks, visit your nearest discounted alcohol shop, and purchase beer, wine and champagne in bulk to save! For a scrumptious and cost-effective beverage that everyone will enjoy, mix together a fruit punch with budget white wine and berries. Your guests will be in culinary heaven!

Here’s a few more of our favourite unique drink ideas sourced from Pinterest:

Passion Fruit & Pineapple Sangria found on Culinary Hill

Strawberry Cream Mimosa found on Swanky Recipes

Strawberry Margarita Jello Shots found on BuzzFeed

Pineapple Rum Punch found on A Night Owl

Champagne Floats found on The Bewitchin’ Kitchen


Decorating Ideas & Tips

Keep it simple when planning your ideal 21st birthday party, otherwise you run the risk of getting yourself into a stressful and expensive situation, taking the fun out of what should be a memorable night. Whether you’re planning a hopping themed party, a laid back BBQ or an elegant soiree, The Party Package’s affordable 21st birthday party supplies cater for all styles and budgets. Here’s a few of our favourite birthday decorating ideas and tips:

  • Keep the theme consistent: Whether you’re going for a character theme or a colour theme, the key to an undeniably effective birthday setting is to keep the theme flowing throughout. Even better, you’re guaranteed stunning photos with a cute theme in the background! For girls, one of our favourite trending birthday themes is the ever so simple and cost-effective pastel colour theme. Take a trip down memory lane to your 1st birthday party by introducing hues of pastel pink, blue, green and yellow for an adorably stylish setting. Ideal for an afternoon soiree or a tea party setting, we’ve got the perfect collection of decorations in our affordable 21st birthday party supplies section. For guys, baby blue and silver will make for a stylish theme!
  • Funky & inexpensive balloon decorations: For a unique twist on balloon decorations, try buying clear balloons and filling them with confetti and gold foil.
  • Fun birthday cake alternative: If you aren’t one for cake, why not get the fun started with birthday cake shots? These delicious bright pink shots taste just like birthday cake. Check out the recipe we found on Tablespoon.

Follow the tips above and always go for a ‘less-is-more’ approach when planning your ideal 21st birthday party. And with thanks to The Party Package’s affordable 21st birthday party supplies, you’re sure to create a beautiful and memorable event without breaking the bank. Happy Birthday!

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