5 Tips for Organising the Perfect Hen’s Night

5 Tips for Organising the Perfect Hen’s Night

Celebrating your close friend or relatives final days of so-called ‘freedom’ calls for an unforgettable Hen’s Night filled with fun, laughter, trouble, and ever lasting memories!

With help from The Party Packages large selection of themed and plain party decorations, you can now buy affordable Hen’s Night party supplies to suit every style and occasion. Whether you’re planning a sophisticated party with the ladies or something a little more traditional and cheeky, you’re guaranteed to find something you’ll love at our online store!

When it comes to organising a memorable Hen’s Night, here’s our top 5 tips:

Always use Decorations & Props!

When it comes to creating a lively and buzzing atmosphere, there’s no better way to cement the theme and get the party started then with an appropriately decorated venue. Whether you choose to hire a venue or simply host at home for a more cost-effective solution, decorations are an affordable and effective way to liven the mood.

At The Party Package, our wide variety of affordable Hen’s Night party supplies range from themed plates, balloons, party games books, balloon weights, puff balls, confetti gems and more! If you’re stuck for ideas on how to appropriately decorate the space, here’s our favourite Pinterest finds:

  • Elegant Mexican Theme: Ideal for the warmer summer and spring months, we absolutely adore this Spanish theme for a more relaxed and elegant soiree. Among our favourite Mexi-inspired Hen’s Parties is Stephanie Sterjovski’s Bachelorette Fiesta found on Bloglovin.
  • Bohemian Theme: Again, this theme is perfectly accompanied by a warm summer’s day and perfect blue skies. Hosting an afternoon bohemian chic outdoor party is the perfect way to eat great food, get the drinks flowing and enjoy the company of your nearest and dearest. Our favourite boho-inspired soiree is Melina Divani’s Boho Chic Outdoor Dinner Party found on Decoholic Interior Design.
  • Nibbles/drink Table Decorations: Why not make your nibbles/drinks table a stand out? Here’s our favourite ideas: 

o   Draw inspiration from Kelly C’s Boho-inspired food table ideas. Even the simplest props and pieces of furniture/décor make the most effective food stands. Who’s ever seen an old wooden ladder look so good?

o   A range of fun and funky classy and bold Bachelorette table ideas found on Happy Wed.

Choose the Theme wisely

While the traditional night of drinking, games and partying is always a favourite, it may not suit all personalities and party attendees. As the maid-of-honour, we’d strongly recommend discussing the bride-to-be’s preferences when it comes to choosing a theme and guest list. After all, old nanna Margaret is unlikely to enjoy a wild night out on the town as much as the bride’s younger friends!

When it doubt, look at the guest list for inspiration. If the crowd tends to be predominantly older and more modest family members, you can choose to either do a night time event, a relaxed day time celebration or two separate events to cater to all attendees. Here’s our recommendations:

  • Day time event: If the majority of party goers are older family members, why not throw a day time spa party at home filled with drinks, nibbles and nourishing skin treatments for everyone. Here’s our top DIY beauty treatment picks:

o   Coconut oil brown sugar scrub found on The Idea Room: http://www.theidearoom.net/2013/05/brown-sugar-scrub.html

o   Coffee and Cocoa face mask found on About Style

o   Rosewater Toner found on Refinery 29

o   A manicure and pedicure bar: Set up a table filled with different nail polishes and nail tools and simply decorate with flowers, candles, aromas, nibbles, balloons and drinks.

  • Night time event: If the majority of party goers are friends of the bride-to-be, a nigh out is simply a must! Decorate the venue, turn up the tunes, and get the drinks flowing and games happening.

Better still, make everyone happy by making it a full day event! During the day, you can relax and enjoy a girl’s spa day with family members and slowly ease into the night with your best girlfriends for a night of mischief and fun.

Plan a Unique Photo Booth

For anyone who’s ever hosted an event, you should be well aware that memories are best kept alive in photo form. So, why not trade in the stock standard photo poses for a unique photo booth and props that are guaranteed to supply endless laughs and quality memories? Here’s a few of our favourite unique photo booth ideas:

  • HarvestPaperCo’s Customised Hen’s Night mugshot signs found on Etsy
  • Before and After Mugshots: Get an individual picture of all party guests glammed up and holding a ‘before’ sign at the beginning of the night. The next morning, get an ‘after’ image (to show the end result of a good night).
  • Polaroid Photo Booth: Simple and cheap to make, create a DIY polaroid frame with unique text (i.e. Sally’s Hen’s Night or Sally’s Last Night of Freedom!) and get all attendees to use it as a photo prop.


Games, games & more games – it simply wouldn’t be a Hen’s Night without them! From innocent to humiliating, having a wide variety of games is an easy ice breaker (to get the family and friends well acquainted) and a great way to get everyone laughing and blushing. Not sure where to start the game planning process? When it comes to Hen’s Night games, the good news is – A lot of the games are DIY, meaning you can enjoy a fun night for an affordable price. Here’s our top game picks:

·         Pass the Parcel: A take on the old childhood classic, a Hen’s Night Pass the Parcel has a fun and naughty twist. For prizes, think lollies, massage oils, toys and risqué and embarrassing dares.

·         Truth or Dare: A game purely aimed at humiliating the Bride-to-be and suppling endless laughs, at the beginning of the night, have all party guests write down a dare or question. If you plan on heading out on the town, these dares can be extremely fun!

·         Toilet Paper Couture: Split into teams and allow 5 minutes for teams to design their dream wedding dress using toilet paper only!

·         Mr & Mrs Quiz: Prepare questions relating to the bride and grooms relationship and have the groom to answer them prior to the event. On the night, get the bride-to-be to answer the same set of questions and compare answers!

·         Scavenger Hunt: The perfect game for a night out on the town, simply put together a list of tasks for the bride-to-be to complete, using a point system to tally her success. Here’s a great example found on Etsy.

Outfit Accessories – the more the better!

If there’s one night of the year where it’s socially acceptable to deck your friend out in embarrassing sashes, hats and badges, it’s definitely on her Hen’s Night! From novelty veils and tiaras to shot glass necklaces, ‘bride-to-be’ headbands and sunglasses, The Party Package is your one stop shop for affordable Hen’s Night party supplies online!

With a range of fun and funky theme ideas, party games and drinks to be had, be sure to make your next Hen’s Party a night to remember with our complete range of affordable Hen’s Night party supplies online, which can be shipped Australia-wide for your convenience.

What are you waiting for? Get started on the party planning and be sure to check out our range today!

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