Decorating with crepe streamers

Decorating with crepe streamers

Decorating with streamers


Streamers are a very cheap, but highly effective way of decorating for a party! These simple decorations are often over looked, because we just don't know exactly how they'll tie in with our party theme. Here's a few ideas which really show how some simple crepe streamers can create a huge impact!




Some long, elegant streamers draped to imitate curtains make a fantastic room divider. Great for sectioning dining areas from other areas such as the dance floor.

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Box fold streamers. Easy to make, although requiring a little patience. Make any colour combo you'd like to match your theme! Follow this link for folding instructions!

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Use crepe streamers to make a fun little play tent to sit the party table under, and you will be sure to delight the guests!

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Some simple hoops, of whatever size you would like, make a great frame for attaching streamers! Choose colours to compliment your theme, attach the streamers around and once they're all on, trim the bottoms to your desired length.

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Streamers can be used, either flat or with a little twist, to create a beautiful ceiling decoration. Attach some balloons in the centre to hide where they attach and you have a simple, highly effective and very cheap decoration.

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Kids LOVE to be involved! Let them choose the colours for their party, and go nuts hanging and winding streamers where ever they want! Easy for you, and I guarantee they will have a ball and remember it for years to come!

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Simply attaching some streamers at the top of the wall, giving them a twist, and securing down the bottom, can create a great back drop for any wall!

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A really fun surprise for the birthday boy or girl in the morning! When they wake up and open their door, a cascade of balloons will fall down on them! Hold them in place with streamers until the surprise is triggered!

Image source Munchkins and mayhem.  


Green streamers twisted to different heights up the wall make a great 'seaweed' for under the sea themed parties.

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Fold your streamers (not too thick or you won't be able to cut through), and snip out a diamond shape (or whatever shape you would like). DIY geometric patterned streamers!

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Table skirts can be put together in any colour you would like, simply by using a couple of crepe streamers and tape!

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Streamer roses are sweet, simple, quick and easy to make by simply winding up.

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A big top feel is easily to achieve with some streamers!

Image source Schooling a monkey! 


Crepe streamer bow ties are a really fun decoration, and are easier to make than you might think! See the following photos for a step by step guide on how to make these.


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