Princess party ideas

Princess party ideas

If you have a little girl, at some point while she’s young she will fall in love with the idea of being a Princess, and most likely have her favourite Princess characters.  A Princess party is a classic, long-time favourite party theme, and although the favourite character may change over time, the basic party idea remains the same.

Party planner to the stars Matt James has this advice when it comes to Princess parties:  If it’s a kids party, don’t feel as if you have to shy away from using character-branded tableware.  I see a lot of kid’s parties that are so immaculately styled they look more like adult parties.  It’s obvious the parents have designed it for themselves, rather than the child.  If there’s one thing I’ve learned as a professional party planner it’s to design the party for your audience, not yourself.  The reality is kids want their favourite characters to have a strong presence at their party – they don’t see this as too commercial – for them it’s just fun.  Obviously, it’s important to get the balance right, so don’t go over board.  For example, character plates and cups work well combined with solid colour table cover and napkins.  (Matt James is a professional event planner and owner of event agency Left Field Productions, which has produced events for Elton John, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kevin Spacey, Stella McCartney, David LaChapelle, John Waters, and Elvis Costello & Diana Krall)

Check out our beautiful range of Princess supplies, both Disney licenced and generic by clicking here, which can be complimented beautifully with any colour tableware that suits the birthday princess!

Although the party can be styled to suit the birthday girls tastes, pink, pink and more pink is usually the order of the day!  And a fun way to incorporate the girly pink theme into the food is with fun items such as this pink popcorn!  Make your own, or follow this pink popcorn recipe on also has a great list of ideas from Princess party foods.  Think “pink”, “dainty” and “girly” for a menu set for a princess, such as these crown sandwiches or fruit wands!


And who wouldn’t fall in love with these very cute swirly sandwiches?  To make them, buy a loaf of unsliced white bread.  Then cut it into four, but LENGTHWISE (so horizontal instead of vertical cuts).  Trim off the crusts, then slice each of your pieces lengthwise into four, so you now have long strips of bread.  Roll these with a rolling pin to flatten, butter, sprinkle with desired colour sprinkles and roll.  Use extra butter on the end to keep them closed.

How about these adorable cups and saucers?  These are fun to make with the kids before hand as well!

To make them, grab yourself some:

·       Tic Toc biscuits

·       Marshmallows

·       Chocolate freckles

·       Musk lifesavers

·       1 - 2 tablespoon icing sugar


Make a stiff paste by mixing the icing sugar with a small amount of water. Pop your tick-tock biscuits, coloured side up, (the saucers) on a bench.

Spread a little icing on the bottom of the marshmallows (the cups) and stick them on to the biscuits. Spread icing on the bottom of the chocolate freckles and stick to the top of the marshmallow (the frothy top).

Cut the lifesavers in half, spread a little icing on the two cut surfaces of each half and stick to the side of each cup (the handles!). Leave to set for at least 30 minutes. Absolutely adorable!

You can even bring the pink theme over into the drinks!  Think pink lemonade, strawberry milk and pink smoothies!  And you can make them princess pretty with a few straws and sprinkles like these ones pictured here from Kara’s Party Ideas.

Once the menu is taken care of, you need to organise a few fun and simple ideas to keep all the little princess amused!  This is dead simple with some of the ideas rounded up by Brisbane kids.



Play hide and seek Cinderella’s slipper, as seen on princesspartytime.


I’m sure every little princess would love to play musical thrones! Click here for this and other princess party ideas.


As a party activity, why not set up a princess crown making station, as seen on hostess with the mostess?!


Little princesses who like Princess Tiana will love playing pin the kiss on the frog! For the free frog and kisses printables, visit

Thanks Brisbane kids for that round up of activities!

And finally, what party is complete without a cake?

You could try out these sweet individual crown cupcakes from Kidspot


Or perhaps your style falls more towards one big individual cake?  If so then has you covered for some classic princess cakes!







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