Planning the Perfect Baby Shower

Planning the Perfect Baby Shower

Are you in the process of planning a baby shower for that special someone but aren’t quite sure where to start? Don’t worry, you’re not alone!

As baby showers become an increasingly popular ritual in Australia, so to do the endless stream of baby shower ideas, themes and games. What was once approached as an exciting and fun task, has since become a daunting and overwhelming party planning process. Don't fret, The Party Package will put the fun and enjoyment back into planning the perfect baby shower for your loved one!

As one of Australia’s leading online party decoration stores selling the latest in affordable baby shower party supplies, we have exactly what it takes to put together a memorable baby shower that won’t leave you out of pocket. If it’s your first time planning a baby shower, here’s a guide to planning an unforgettable event:

Choose a Location & Date

It’s important to first lock down a date so you have a better idea of what weather to expect on the big day. If you’re organised ahead of time and have left yourself months to prepare, we’d strongly recommend planning the baby shower in early autumn or spring, as these seasons generally boast ideal weather Australia-wide, where you won’t have to plan around unbearably cold or uncomfortably hot temperatures.

Once you’ve pinned down a date, it’s time to choose a location! The location of the event will largely depend on the time of year you’ve chosen. As a general rule, if it’s a late-autumn or winter affair, we’d recommend hosting the baby shower indoors, that way the party guests and mum-to-be are comfortable and warm. If you’ve locked down a date in summer or spring, why not take advantage of the beautiful Aussie breeze and blue skies and use the natural landscape as part of your party theme?

Our favourite locations? We’re all for embracing the outdoors and strongly believe that fresh air and the visual aesthetic of nature helps to enhance your theme. From backyard soirees to park picnics, utilising nature as part of the theme makes for a beautiful setting (and pictures, thanks to the natural lighting!)

If you’re wanting something even more extravagant or big enough to hold a large number of attendees, hiring a community or church hall is always a great choice, as it allows for room to move while still maintaining the level privacy and intimacy that is often preferred at these events.  

Choose a Theme

Once you’ve settled on a date and location, now the fun really begins… it’s time to choose a theme! From classic pink and blue themed parties to animal and pop culture inspired decorations, The Party Package has got you covered with our huge selection of affordable baby shower party supplies.

When choosing a theme, it’s important to always consult the expecting parents to see if they have any preferences or ideas of their own. If they’re happy for you to take the reins, here’s a few trending and classic themes that you can’t go wrong with:

When organising a boy or girl baby shower, there’s two different styles you can go for – the classic and minimalistic baby blue, pink or yellow theme that has proven to be a huge success time and time again or a pop culture theme inspired by popular childhood cartoons and superheroes. While there’s no denying how much of a crowd pleaser a pop culture themed party is, it’s important to be aware that you’ll be paying a lot more for themed decorations in comparison to standard block coloured decorations. To keep the costs low without compromising on style, we’d recommend buying 2-3 themed statement pieces (i.e. Superman/Frozen piñata, wall decorations and invitations) and simply teaming them with an abundance of block colour decorations that align with the theme colours to further enhance the space (i.e. for a Superman themed party, try pairing it with blue and red balloons, candles, streamers and cutlery).

If you’d prefer to stick to the classic block colour theme but want to add a unique twist, try incorporating multiple block colours to create an adorable and classy theme. For example, different shades of blue, silver and white make a stunning contemporary theme for a baby boy, and varying shades of pink, gold and white help to create an adorably feminine theme for a baby girl. At The Party Package, we offer an extensive selection of block coloured decorations ideal for any baby shower theme. From coloured table covers, cutleryhanging swirlsballoons, balloon weights, and more, we’re home to the latest in stylish and affordable baby shower party supplies.

Not sure if it’s a boy or a girl? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered! Just because you’re uncertain of baby’s gender doesn’t mean you should miss out on a stunning and thoughtfully themed baby shower! At The Party Package, we stock a large selection of gender neutral party supplies. You can select from our range of classic yellow themed supplies or create a unique display with our bee themed or ladybird themed party supplies. From themed centrepieces, cutlery, napkins, invitations, hanging decorations and party hats, you won’t need to go anywhere else for unique and affordable baby shower party supplies.

Spread the word

Invitation time! Once you’ve figured out the essentials, you can move on to spreading the excitement by sending out invitations. When sending out invitations, it’s a great idea to keep the theme consistent by choosing invitations that align with your selected theme. At The Party Package, we sell three baby shower specific themed invitations, including our gender neutral themed invitations, our ladybird themed invitations and our bee themed invitations. We’re also home to a huge selection of pop culture and animal inspired themed invitations, including: Avengers, Batman, Ballerina, Butterfly, Firefighter, Frozen,  Jungle Safari, Spider Man and more (although some of these are exclusively age specific party supplies).

If you’ve got a creative flair and have chosen to make your own invitations, don’t forget to include the following fields: date, time, location, RSVP (cut-off date and contact number), theme (if applicable), gift ideas (optional), food requirements/allergies.

Food & Drinks

Believe it or not, food can play a huge role in adding the finishing touches to your theme! From raspberry sherbet party punch and chocolate dipped pretzels to baby shaped fruit displays and devilled egg baby carriages, sugar filled and healthy baby shower food ideas are endless!

Pinterest is a fantastic place to draw inspiration and source unique food and nibble ideas for themed parties and baby showers. Among our favourite snack recipes are the following:

Check out some of our favourite party drink concoctions:

When preparing the food, drinks and snacks, it’s important to cater to everyone (or at least have one option to suit all dietary requirements and/or preferences). To play it safe, we recommend preparing at least one of the following dishes to keep everyone happy: Sweet snacks and treats, meat dish, vegetarian dish, vegan dish and a gluten free dish.

The party games

Let’s be honest, no matter your age, everyone loves regaining their youth and partaking in an afternoon packed full of fun and games!

Here’s a few ideas for undeniably fun and thoughtful baby shower party games:

  • The ‘Baby’s First Portrait’ Game: While blind folded, participants are given a marker and piece of paper and have to draw what the baby will look like. Best and worst get a prize! (this game is guaranteed to supply endless laughs)
  • Time Capsule for Baby: Have guests write down a note (it can be advice, hopes and dreams for the little one or a prediction) and have them put the notes in a box that is to be opened on his/her 18th birthday.
  • Celebrity Baby Name Game: A quiz where guests have to guess the celebrities baby names. Baby props photo booth: Buy/make a bunch of theme related props and accessories and create your own photo booth for unforgettable fun and lasting memories!

Party Bags

Be sure to end the party on a high note by supplying all guests with unique party favours! Whether you decide on sentimental gifts or takeaway sweets and confectionary, party goers love to leave a party with a sweet reminder of the fun had. At The Party Package, we offer a number of affordable baby shower party supplies that are particularly useful when making your own party bags. We stock a wide selection of themed loots bags, including: Busy Bee loot bags, Butterfly and Dragonfly loot bags, Camo loot bags, Digger loot bags, Disney Princess loot bags, Princess loot bags, Ladybird loot bags and more!  Not sure what to include? Some of the best baby shower favours are those that incorporate the party theme. As such, when choosing a memorable or thoughtful keepsake for party attendees to take home, try to think of a gift that will relate back to the overall theme of the party or something that is symbolic of new life. Here’s a few cute ideas we love:

  • Mini decorated planters containing seeds: This gift is thoughtful and symbolic of the new life growing inside mum-to-be, and is also a particularly clever choice for those doing a garden party or nature inspired theme.
  • Decorated jars containing popcorn/ or a bottle of champagne for a ‘she’s ready to pop theme’: humorous and clever in nature, this baby shower favour suits all themes… plus, who doesn’t love food!?

What are you waiting for? Time to get started on planning an epic baby shower for that special someone. For the latest in premium quality and affordable baby shower party supplies, be sure to head to The Party Package!  

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