Some nice simple ideas for building your party! We aim to provide simple, DIY party ideas to compliment your chosen party theme, that you can actually do yourself without the need for a construction crew, a team of chefs and a 7 figure bank balance!

Summer Shindig: How to Host the Perfect Tropicana 18th Birthday Party
Nothing quite screams ‘summer’ like hosting a tropical Hawaiian-inspired party. From coconut props and pineapple decorations to fruity cocktails ..
5 Tips for Organising the Perfect Hen’s Night
Celebrating your close friend or relatives final days of so-called ‘freedom’ calls for an unforgettable Hen’s Night filled with fun, laughter, trouble..
Party Checklist for an Unforgettable 21st
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First Birthday Party Tips

A first birthday is an exciting milestone for parents, and some simple tricks will make sure the day runs smoothly and is enjoyed by all.

Princess party ideas

Check here for some ideas to build a party fit for a Princess!

Frozen party inspiration

Frozen is the coolest party theme around at the minute, and here you can find some great ideas to make your day easy and fun!