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How to Throw the Perfect Birthday Party

Are you planning on throwing a party for someone’s birthday? No doubt you want the event to turn out perfect. The key is to find ideas that will make your birthday cake and decorations the star of the show. Here is the complete list of the top birthday party theme ideas to celebrate someone’s birthday:

A murder mystery party Everyone loves a good murder mystery and this can be the ideal opportunity to solve one with your guests. Why not plan a murder mystery dinner party where you invite your guests at the same time and they get to choose their own suspect. You can have a small group of guests, give each other a clue that they need to connect together in order to solve the case. Then at the end of the night away from the party, they can each hand carry the clue to a different clue.

A Casino celebration Everyone loves playing at casinos and if you want to celebrate a special birthday, why not throw a casino party where everyone gets together for a game of poker or blackjack. Invite all your guests and have a blindfolded auction where you ask everyone to bring something they think belongs in the auction. Whoever has the most wins gets it. Everyone has a great time and celebrating a birthday with this theme can be a lot of fun.

Halloween Party Whether its October 31st or Halloween, everyone loves this time of year. If you are having a birthday party for someone in October, then why not throw a spooky Halloween party and celebrate the holiday. There are many different themes you can choose from to make your Halloween party an awesome occasion.

Food Hostess Assistant Nyc is a party planner for a very good reason. She has helped plan and throw hundreds of parties. She knows how to strike a balance between menu and entertainment. As a hostess helper nyc will not only plan the food, she will help plan the entertainment, take care of the decorating and get your guests to dress up for the occasion.

A TV Show Hostess Assistant Nyc has thrown and organized many themed parties before and knows how to incorporate humor into the party. It can be a murder mystery if you want it to be, but you can also have the guests come as characters from the TV show. Guests can wear costumes or just come as their favorite characters. This type of party adds colorful television shows to the mix and creates a great interactive event.

A TV Show Hostess Assistant Nyc loves to host parties for the year older guests and if you are throwing a birthday party for someone who is a year older or is in their teens you can get serious and have a spy movie themed party. You can use movies from any genre; any of them will do the trick. Hiring a party planner can really make this a unique party because you can incorporate almost anything.

A Video Game Theme Party Hostess Aides love to throw these types of parties because they are usually lots of fun. The guest of honor is often intrigued by the video game and can play along. To keep the game going you can give out party favors that are related to the theme of the party.

An Elegant Affairs with a Touch of Fashion Hostess Appetizers are always a good touch, especially if you are having a more formal party than just a barbeque. There are many ways you can tie your theme into the bridal party. You can have the party started with elegant affairs in candles and silk fabrics. Then, as the day progresses you can transition into wearing a little less fancy and a lot more casual. The party planner even comes in and sets up a buffet table for everyone to help themselves to whatever they would like to eat.

A DIY Tie-In Just because you want to keep it simple does not mean you cannot have a beautiful themed party. Sometimes it just makes sense to create a DIY edible cake. If you are good at baking and have a nice selection of cupcakes, why not let them decorate one of your centerpieces? You could use frosting colors from the wedding to decorate the cake or why not create a chocolate or vanilla cake and then decorate it yourself.

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